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EduRef during the Covid pandemic

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

With the beginning of 2020, we were all confronted with new realities in the context of the Corona pandemic. In addition to affecting numerous areas of life, there were of course also effects on us, EduRef.

Our courses, which are based on personal support and offer refugees and immigrants an introduction to working with computers, programming with Java or learning how to use Microsoft Office programs, had to be restructured abruptly. One consequence of this restructuring was unfortunately that during the last year we could only give people with their own computer and enough technical know-how the opportunity to participate in our courses online.

Nevertheless, even in these digital times, we were able to offer our courses to refugees and immigrants via Zoom. The offers were used in large numbers, which is why we are happy to hold 5 courses despite the adverse circumstances during the Corona pandemic. But digitizing our courses also had its advantages: instead of only reaching people from Karlsruhe and the surrounding area, we were able to expand our participant base to include other parts of Germany, including Cottbus and Hamburg, for example.

The morale of EduRef members was also kept high digitally: With online game nights with Skribbl, AmongUs, and Escape Rooms, as well as a fun online wine tasting. With the end of contact restrictions, however, we also hope for in-person courses and face-to-face contact with our participants. We look forward to a future where we can hold physical courses again!


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