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Microsoft Office at 30°C

The last course of the summer semester 2019 comes to an end

The 15 participants proudly hold their certificates in their hands. It is the final event of the course, which traditionally takes place in the evening after the last course session. After five sessions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, the participants have just successfully completed the Microsoft Office course - and that in midsummer temperatures of over 30°C. In the course room, a fan provided a minimum of cooling, but participants and tutors alike still pounced on the cold drinks. Highly deserved!

With the now third Microsoft Office course, the last event of the summer semester 2019 also comes to an end. During the final meeting, final feedback is collected on how the courses can be even better in the coming winter semester. Maybe an extra session on Excel after all? How about a printed script for the participants? Does it make sense to give homework?

Personal stories are also exchanged. The journey to Karlsruhe began for the participants in a wide variety of countries, from Afghanistan to Gambia. Some have been here for several years, others only a few months. And the tutors? Here, too, some are still relatively new to the city, having moved here from Cologne, Hanover or Stuttgart. Over Arabic dumplings and iced tea, Abdu, originally from West Africa, says a few Italian phrases he learned on his way to Germany. However, he still has problems with the German language. A tutor from the north consoles him, saying that she too can hardly understand her neighbor who speaks "Badisch".

The group disperses, many participants still have to travel to Bruchsal or even Pforzheim. Many wish to stay in contact. Some participants still announce that they want to register for the next course in autumn - programming for beginners with Java. Well then, see you in the winter semester!


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