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Microsoft Office for Beginners

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Another course successfully ends!

This November it was time again: We started the new semester for the fourth time with our popular Microsoft Office course and 17 motivated participants! Spread over five intensive course dates, our volunteer tutors taught the basics in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

With each course run, our processes and teaching also become more routine. It starts with the advertising of the courses, through setting up the hardware and software on the day of the course, to presenting the content. But despite all the routine, there are always interesting questions and contributions from the participants that give us a new perspective on the daily use of familiar software: Why does the menu look completely different here? Why can't I use the function from Word here in PowerPoint?

After a total of about 10 lessons, we rounded off the time together as usual with a cozy get-together of the participants and tutors. Here, however, not only the tutors are to be found, but also many other hard-working hands that make such an event possible in the background. In addition to the traditional food and drinks brought along, the final social event once again provides space for interesting, personal conversations and stories.

We were particularly pleased to see the relatively high number of women attending this time. From experience, we have often experienced greater interest from the male side in our courses, so such feedback reinforces us all the more in our work. In addition, this course about working with exclusively UI-based software, offers an ideal opportunity to introduce interested people to our programming courses.

Therefore, we hope to see some familiar faces again at the end of November in our already second course for this semester "Java Beginner"!


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