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🌟✨ Recap Summer Semester 2023 ✨🌟

📚 This semester we once again offered programming courses for refugees and migrants. This time both a Java Beginners course and a Java Advanced course💡

🌈 Our motivated participants participated in the courses with great enthusiasm and we are proud of how far they have come. From learning the basics in Java Beginners, such as data types and methods, to deepening their knowledge of object-oriented programming in the Java Advanced course, they have made steady progress. Together, tutors and participants mastered all programming hurdles💥.

🫶Thank you to everyone who supported us this semester! We are grateful for the privilege of sharing our knowledge, and it is incredibly fulfilling to see our participants grow in the world of Java programming, develop new skills, unleash their potential, and work their way to new opportunities and possibilities.🚀

💪 We are ready for more exciting courses next semester!🐍⏭️


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